We provide treatment for gum disease from gingivitis to more severe cases of periodontitis.  

Sometimes without warning, we can experience discomfort in the mouth, which doesn’t appear to be coming from a tooth. Gum disease can be characterized by a variety of symptoms, such as swelling, redness, and pain within the gums. At Canarsie Family Dentistry, we are aware that gum disease, also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis can often go unnoticed by the patient.


If you are experiencing sensitivity, swelling, redness, pain when brushing, or any symptom out of the ordinary for you, we urge you to come for consultation without delay. Gum disease in its different forms can often go unnoticed, yet can lead to more serious conditions affecting the overall health of your teeth and gums.


A cause of periodontal gum disease can be plaque build-up, as a result of inadequate brushing or oral hygiene practices. At Canarsie Family Dentistry, our goal is to identify underlying oral issues and support our patients in preventing future dental problems.


Maintenance, timely care, and preventative treatment are paramount in our approach at Canarsie Family Dentistry, towards supporting oral health throughout your lifetime.


Treating periodontal gum disease usually requires multiple visits over several months. The best treatment for gums is prevention; committing to regular, thorough cleaning and flossing at home. In the event of you requiring treatment for periodontal gum disease, your dentist and periodontologist will guide you through the process and alert you to the possibility of any sensitivity while undergoing treatment.


At Canarsie Family Dentistry, we are aware of how those patients experiencing dental issues, are more likely to see the same issues repeated in their children. Both genetic and environmental factors can play a part in this pattern. To combat recurrence in the next generation, we encourage good dental health habits across the family as a whole.


Some of the possible symptoms of gum disease are redness, bleeding gums or receding gums exposing the tooth’s sensitive root below the gumline. Causes of periodontal diseases can range from inadequate cleaning practices, stress, poor diet and lack of essential nutrients. Addressing how the family maintain good oral and general health, is usually most effective when good habits are formed together. 


With care and attention to the foods and nutrition our bodies need to maintain good health, both for our teeth and throughout our bodies, families can enjoy big smiles and minimal out of pocket dental costs.

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