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The goal of our dentists is to preserve your teeth your whole life. However, there are circumstances when pulling a tooth is the better option. Turn to our tooth removal dentist at Canarsie Family Dentistry for pain-free extractions.

Canarsie Family Dental offers you a positive and comfortable experience with wisdom teeth removal and dental extractions. We provide dental services at our tranquil and relaxing office for residents of Canarsie and all the surrounding areas.

Contact us today for tooth removal done gently and capably by an experienced surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth Removal without Pain
Our general and family dentist wants you to know that tooth extractions do not cause pain when handled in a professional manner. Feel confident that our dentist does everything to make you comfortable, starting with anesthesia. We offer both local and general anesthesia for extractions.

Our dentist applies local anesthesia to numb the area where the tooth is being removed so you are conscious during the extraction and general anesthesia so that you can sleep through the procedure.

Dental Extractions Only when Necessary
There are good reasons why it is better for your oral health to remove a tooth. Of course, our preference is to preserve it, but if the condition of the tooth demands extraction, we will do so. The following conditions may warrant removing your tooth:

Severe Damage Gum Disease

Common Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom tooth removal is one of the common reasons our dentist would extract one or more of your teeth. It is often the case that one or more wisdom teeth do not come in completely. In addition, wisdom teeth are frequently impacted and crowded together by other teeth.

It could be that they have come in partway and there is a flap of skin over them, creating painful gums. The teeth could also be infected, or they might be damaged by decay. When there are problems with your wisdom teeth, trust our dentist to determine the problem and take corrective action, which could include extraction. Our office accepts most insurances and offers CareCredit.

Contact us today to have your troublesome wisdom teeth removed with care and comfort. Our dental practice offers tooth extractions for patients in Canarsie and the surrounding areas.


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